How Blue-Chip Dividends Can Power Your Retirement Income People are living longer, and your current retirement plan may not be enough. Ideally, you want to have assets with the potential for growth that will keep up with the basics like the cost of gas, healthcare, and food. Blue-chip stocks are one of the few assets that can keep up with inflation. It is not too late to review your portfolio and create a conservative dividend growth portfolio. There are blue-chip stocks such as Johnson & Johnson which is a solid healthcare stock. Johnson & Johnson stock has been able to grow its dividend for 55 consecutive years. There are similar stocks to Johnson & Johnson, which when properly balanced can power your retirement income. Of course, a Blue-Chip stock portfolio should be diversified among all the core industry groups. If you are getting ready to retire or retirement is still a few years off, we can help you answer any questions, and get you on track for a comfortable retirement. We have created a blue-chip stock portfolio that has allowed our clients to enjoy retirement the way they wanted. I would be happy to offer you a no-obligation 15-minute consultation call. Just complete this form, and I will contact you.   Gain Useful Insights into the Financial Industry SuperCap25 partners with financial and investment writers to bring our readers inside expertise. Our authors are all industry experts. We will feature both whitepapers and eBooks and provide access through a simple download. We hope you enjoy the papers and feel free to pass the link to your friends and colleagues.

Weekend Edition: Wall Street Doesnʼt Want You to Do This

Chris Mayer explained his successful “coffee can portfolio.” The idea is simple: Buying great businesses and holding them for 10 years will likely make you a lot of money. Today, Chris takes it a step further. What if you hold stocks for even longer? The results will probably surprise you. If you want to learn more how you can plan for retirement and make good long-term investments click to download the full whitepaper.


We believe that inflation versus deflation is underappreciated as a determinant of sector selection success. In the past century, stocks and commodities have alternated leadership in regular cycles averaging 18 years. During commodity deflation, stocks rose 11.6% per year, but during inflation, stocks rose 3.4% per year. Our research suggests a new 18-year stock cycle (aka Secular Bull Market) began May 2013.